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Negative Comment

Spread a negative word about something and someone and soon it will become talk of the town. Interestingly, people often take time to believe and trust the positive thing said about someone or something, but such is the power of negativity, it is easily get accepted without much doubts and questions.

“According to Convergys Corp. Research a negative customer review on YouTube, Twitter or Facebook can cost a company about 30 customers.”

Any thing said and done about a person, organization, service, product on the internet, soon become viral. If it support particular person’s or organization’s image then it could be a one of the most effective marketing tool, but if it is against your interest it could damage your business more than you have ever imagined. Hire a team of professional to manage your online management reputation. They are mainly responsible for removing the negative comment said about the person, product or service.

  • Unlike other ORM service providers, we do not hide the things under the cover, but our focus in to remove all the negative stories associated with a particular brand, service, celebrity or a person.
  • One of the biggest challenge that the ORM agencies has to face is to determine whether the negative comment is fabricated by the rival camp to put down your client’s reputation or is it a genuine discontentment shared by a dissatisfied client. In both cases, it become crucial for the ORM agency to figure it out and counter it in a healthy way.

How we deal with Negative review:

  • The first step is to find and collect all positive as well as negative review and comment about your product, service or organization. Make positive feedback viral and suppress negative image with the help of creating positive atmosphere for the organization or business. 

We push down negative review and comment and highlight and popularize positive image about the business, organization or a person.

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