Panda Penalty Recovery

Surprised with a sudden drop in your website rankings and traffic ? We can help you recover

google pandaInitially designed to clean up the web, Google Panda was launched in the year 2011 and was the first serious attempt by Google in this field. The primary purpose of Panda update was to stop any sites with low quality content from ranking highly in Google.

Today, Google Panda is running in almost real-time constantly looking for web sites that mislead the search engines with poor quality content. Whilst Google Panda has done an impressive job of cleaning up the web, there has been a lot of sites that have had their traffic and rankings reduced. Some sites that may be genuine businesses are being affected simply because they are unaware that they are going against Google’s website quality guidelines.

Google Panda Recovery

At Neo Search Logix, we carry out an in-depth research on all possible causes of rankings slump and take preventive measures to set things back on track. If your website is affected by Google Panda update, we have extensive knowledge and experience in giving your website the much-required juice Panda looks for. Our services are based on 3R’s principle:

  • Robust
  • Reliable
  • Result-Oriented

We take necessary measures to make your website appear good in the eyes of search engines so as to regain those lost rankings.