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Sustainable solutions through high-end MODx SEO Service

SEOMODx is the one of the most versatile web content management systems which gives complete control to its users on various fronts. This is particularly for those who are not limited by boundaries and believe in delivering exceptional user experience. It gives you full control over your site and content, along with the flexibility and scalability to adapt to every changing needs of the audience. A web development and hosting platform like no other. Develop, deploy, manage and upgrade sites with incredible ease, on systems precisely tuned for MODX.

When it comes to SEO for a normal website or MODx based site, Neo Search Logix takes the lead by offering cutting-edge SEO services. Here we take on the most reliable internet marketing approach to help you achieve your business objectives in the most effective way.

We believe in providing sustainable solutions via our MODx SEO service. Backed by a strong expertise in SEO basics and site optimization tactics, our services can help you lead the industry on all fronts.

Why us?

  • Write XHTML code that puts the relevant content as close as possible to the body tag
  • Effective Page Titles and Automatic Header: Content Metadata
  • Making URLs that are easy to read and Search Engine friendly
  • Meta Content Management

We start with the content part and make content modifications to accommodate keywords and phrases into it. Following that we move on to Meta tags which are another important factor in the eyes of search engines.

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