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Online Reputation Management (ORM) Company Lucknow


Measure, monitor and shape conversations about your brand with our online reputation management services


online reputation management services

Having a web presence for your business is not enough in today’s digital era and it should be well supported by a well-thought web strategy. As your site relies heavily on various search engines, they should present a good image of your business in the eyes of potential customers and visitors. This is because a dissimulated or negative brand image can mean millions of dollars lost. The significance of reputation management cannot be emphasized enough.


Neo Search Logix provides result-oriented ORM services in Lucknow that continuously monitor your brand online and help you stay proactive in building a strong reputation. We monitor reviews, messages, and comments across various web platforms and execute a defensive campaign to nullify the affect of any derogation comments or feedback about your business. We increase positive feedback’s and messaging, and also move negative comments off the first few search engine pages. In addition,


We devise a responsive plan basis various scenarios in your business segment. It also helps you respond proactively to any smear campaigns.


Our great expertise in using path-breaking tools & technologies helps us continuously monitor networks for any mention about your company’s products & services.


In case there are large numbers of negative messages and reviews about your company, ORM services can help you rebuild your market reputation.


We take on a highly proactive approach to maintain a clean and awesome reputation for your business.