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We love taking challenges and Wix SEO is one of them

SEOWix is a leading cloud-based web development platform which has millions of users worldwide. It allows people to build from a simple to complex website in an easy manner. If fact, if you don’t have coding knowledge, you can still choose to give wings to your creative ideas and put them in the form of a website. You can choose from their huge selection of stunning, fully-customizable templates, with all the latest design trends and features to make you look amazing online.

Over the past few years, Wix has shifted its emphasis on flash-based website to the more SEO-friendly HTML-5 based websites. Not only are HTML5-based websites more SEO friendly, but they also are more compatible with Apple’s iPad and iPhone devices. Wix still does have flash-based templates, which are infamously submissive when it comes to search-engine rankings. Flash-based templates feature movie-based files, which search engine crawlers can’t, well, crawl. When it comes to Wix’s more than 280 HTML-based websites, crawlers have an easy time browsing through your code to find the kind of information needed to give your website a suitable ranking.

Our Wix SEO specialists at Neo Search Logix are experts in optimizing both flash-based website as well as HTML-based websites which gives us a distinctive edge in the SEO industry. Wix places you on equal SEO weightage in comparison with most other website builders. The rest of the battle, creating good content and generating online buzz, is all in our hands.