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Zen cart SEO

Letting you take full control over your online eCommerce store in a revolutionary way

zencart seoZen cart is one of the most powerful shopping cart systems that is a great boon to e-commerce industry and content management systems. It has some of the best features available that sets it beyond other eCommerce platforms. Some of its salient features include high level of customizability, easy integration, hosting compatibility, and domain name flexibility. Besides these, it is readily available so that you can start instantly.

At Neo Search Logix, our Zen cart SEO services aim at converting dynamic URLs to static and SEO-friendly URLs. These services are extremely helpful safe changing of URLs and they allow redirections of native and rewritten URLs. All these contribute to optimizing websites in search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo. We optimize your Zen cart eCommerce store in such a way to allow your users get awesome shopping experience and easy website accessibility to buy your products and services.

Our Zen cart SEO process:

  • Keyword Analysis: Global and Product specific selection of keywords. Comprehensive research for key phrasing and keyword linguistics
  • Structure Implementation of SEO for Zen-cart. It involves optimization of Zen cart Category
  • Using CMS for content optimization. This includes optimization of main page, category, sub-category and product specific pages
  • Meta Tags Optimization – This involves correction and clever usage of Robot Tags, sub category and product levels.
  • Directory Submission and link building for focused promotion of the website.
  • New URL creation for search engines’ better response.

Our major Zen cart services include:

  • Re-writing dynamic URLs to static forms that tend to be more search engine friendly
  • Using of “alt” attribute for labeling images
  • Optimization of page titles, Meta information and content
  • Compatibility support for search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Using redirects to prevent content duplication issues
  • Verification and validation of every URL
  • Installation, configuration and optimization of RSS Feeds

To know more, contact us today and we will happy giving you the power of SEO for your ecommerce store.